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What does it take to be a real blogger?

I was thinking about my blog the other day and wondered how many posts does it take to be a legitimate blogger? I'm not sure I have met the quota! Since I had a procedure done this morning and am home all snuggled in for the rest of the day, thought it was the perfect opportunity to do some clean up on my web site!

Welcome to the END of October. Golly, how did we get here so fast? The clocks fall back on Sunday and the sun is already setting so much earlier. I'm in the mood to start cooking soups and stews and bread and more bread. Unfortunately for my waistline, I've already gained the Covid 15, much like the Freshman 15 due to soups and stews and bread so maybe I should be careful. Especially with the bread. I think a loaf of homemade bread should be the national symbol of the pandemic. Well, along with a mask I guess.

A lot has been going on at my house. We are finally starting the much needed refresh of our bedroom and master bath. I always giggle when I say Master Bath because it's big enough for ONE person and only has a sink, toilet and shower stall. My contractor guy is going to take out the builder grade nastiness and make a custom tiled shower and wood look tile floor. Our bedroom with have planked walls just like our family room except they won't go to the ceiling...there will be painted wall above a tiny shelf cap. Painted wood floors and wood ceiling with complete the look. To get ready, I have started pulling up the awful carpeting while my husband has been fishing. He has back issues and yanking up the carpet would not do him any favors. At least that's what he said!

In other news (feel free to close out the page if you aren't interested in health related info!), I will be having a hysterectomy before the end of the year. I'll boil it down to having three large babies and a traumatic first child delivery for the reason. While the doctor is fixing things, he's going to go ahead and take out my ovaries and uterus. Okay by me, I'm not using them! I went to his office last week and knew before I went that another kidney stone had formed and was causing issues. Yep. Infection and I will be soon having an ultrasound so they can decide if I need to have it taken care of now or the stone can wait until later. Another round of antibiotics finished and I'm feeling much better. Lucky for me, I don't have constant pain with my stones. I think it's because they are so huge there is not way they can travel. It's intermittent pain that I can treat with OTC meds. Thankfully!

I sent off my latest design to Total Framing the other day. I can't wait to see what Sherri and Terri come up with! The name is Bloomery and is a quirky original design. On our way to my West Virginia home, we drive through a tiny town called Bloomery. The sign you see as you enter says "On The Road To Everywhere" which cracks me up. It is not. Anyway, I've always loved the name (which refers to a type of furnace once used for smelting iron) and finally found the perfect use.

And finally, we've been watching lots of football and baseball. I was rooting for Tampa Bay in the World Series but the Dodgers were definitely the better team. It was strange not having all the crowds in the stands. What a crazy year! Same with football...miss the crowds as I think it adds to the whole vibe of the game. Maybe next year will be better??? So when Lily was little, she started calling our game day snacks Football Parties. The name has stuck for years and often that's what is for dinner on a Saturday or Sunday. Above you will see a small Football Party since with was just the two of us!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and Halloween! Be safe, have fun and get all the things stitched!

Your friend,


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