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The Countdown is On!

I know we say this every year but, CAN YOU BELIEVE CHRISTMAS IS ONLY A FEW DAYS AWAY??? My sister once said to me, Tracy you can't be surprised. It comes on the same date every year. It seems to sneak up on me though. One day it's September 1st and suddenly it's time to put up the tree. Oh well. I am sure we all feel this way.

All that to say, even though it's shocking to be in the week of Christmas I sure do love it! The house feels so cozy, the twinkling lights, the family traditions and the cookies! Oh the cookies.

Speaking of cookies, my wonderful doctor wants me to do an elimination diet in January to see if there are some issues with all the foods I love. Gluten. Dairy. Peanuts. Corn. will be a sad time in my life. Thankfully it's only for three weeks but the middle of the process will feel like an eternity. So I'm eating all the things while I can. This has been my diet for the last several days: cookies, cookies, more cookies, a green bean, cookies. My thinking is if I eat them all, they will be gone and not tempt me any longer. Right?!

We had a family Christmas over the past weekend with my kids and grands and Chuck's brother and sister in law. It was a hectic week getting ready and a full weekend of fun. I've been slowly recovering this week from the manic preparations.

Friday night we took the in laws to a fabulous Front Royal restaurant called Element. We laughed and ate and walked around town a bit. It was a great way to start the festivities!

Saturday we ate and ate and ate with football and Christmas movies on in the background. The kids along with their mom and aunties put together gingerbread houses.

We had steaks, hasselback potatoes and sautéed green beans with butter and garlic for dinner and homemade ice cream cake for dessert.

We celebrated Courtney's birthday with the cake (her favorite) and presents. She was born on Christmas Day and so we wanted to be able to shower her with attention before things get too crazy. She will be forty. FORTY! How, how, how can that be? I'm only 50! Hahahahaha you all say.

This week will be filled with fires since the

thermometer will tank into single digits, wrapping, more cooking and stitching. Oh and of course football!

As was announced on IG, I released the pattern Share Joy on my website as a pdf chart. Be aware that there are two files: the chart and the cover. I'm not sure if I will continue selling charts on the site and will always release to shops and distributors first. But this was an exception so you would have a few days to stitch before the big day. I so appreciate all the support I have been given this year. The grace and kindness. You have filled my heart with happiness, more than I could ever express! I love this community of soul sisters. And am honored to be a part of it.

I wish you the happiest of holidays. Be safe. Hold your loved ones close. And most of all, Share Joy!

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