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Cinco de Mayo!

Lunch is in the oven so thought I would catch up a bit. So much for writing a post each week...oh well. As I just told my daughter, we are who we are!

I'm having roasted veggies today for lunch. It's my favorite thing to eat. Okay, one of my favorite things. Today I'm having sweet potatoes and onions. I use what vegetables I have on hand and am running a bit low this week. In case you have not roasted veggies, here is how I do it. Cut up a variety of deliciousness and put in a rimmed baking sheet that has a combo of melted butter and avocado oil. Use the oil of your choice but you MUST have butter for flavor. I spread the pieces that I've cut around in the oil/butter adding salt and pepper. Bacon is amazing with roasted vegetables but I rarely indulge. They go into a 425º oven until they are soft and slightly charred. Usually unless I loose track of time, they will be stirred after about ten minutes. The whole process can be completed in about 30-40 minutes including oven time. Then I delight in the sweet, roasted goodness. YUM!

Last Saturday, I went with my cute Chuck to a 70th anniversary celebration. Becky and Bill attend our church and are the sweetest couple! Bill fell walking to the mailbox just a week before and broke his femur! But he was determined to attend this party. He was released from rehab for a few hours and honestly if he hadn't been in a wheelchair, you wouldn't have known there was an issue. And he's 91 years old! It was such an honor to celebrate the milestone with them. Me and my guy are well on our way. We will reach 42 years in August!

Look who FINALLY lost another tooth! Wyatt is almost 7 1/2 and this is only his second to come out. It's a family trait to keep the babies in as long as possible. His poor momma had five baby teeth removed when she was almost 14 and they still had full roots! The dentist took them to WVU school of Dentistry for show and tell.

He is playing baseball for the first time this year and loves it. He and his team mates have improved tremendously over the several weeks since they started. We love going to his games! Isn't he a cutie?

Speaking of Elisabeth, look at this sweater that she just finished knitting! She is so talented. And if that wasn't enough, she dyed the yarn! I'm so impressed with her. I love the colors that she chose. She is about to knit another and is chosing the dye colors.

E always wanted to go to art school, but plans change. She is always creating. She knits, paints, designs patterns, and like me is always wanting to try something new. She is a fantastic mother that gardens, cans food, keeps her house as neat as a pin and works at a job that she loves. She raises chickens for eggs and keeps us supplied! I'm a proud Mom!

I've been designing, stitching and shopping lately. With some gardening thrown in. The Equality Sampler by Paulette of Plum Street Samplers is coming along slowly. I've stitched and ripped and stitched and ripped. Finally decided to just go with it!

I found more bone buttons on Etsy. Can one ever have enough antique bone buttons???? I think not!

The snippet of a design is a quirky circle filled design. I have another in my wonderful model stitchers hands and since she is so speedy, I'm sure it will be back soon. I'm also reproducing another Adam & Eve sampler and can't wait to get her stitched.

I've enjoyed catching up with you, my friends! Have a lovely May and we'll talk again soon.


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