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Monday, Monday

Brrrr, it's cold outside! Just got in from a walk with Helen and am sipping hot Earl Grey tea to warm up a bit. Oh March, you are a fickle month!!!

I added a page to the site for corrections to my published charts. Please always feel free to contact me if something doesn't look right. It seems that the stress of market bites me every time! Slow down Tracy! Take your time Tracy! (phrases I've heard my entire life!)

I needed a picture at the top of the Let's Try Again page to show my frustration and thought this image of my grand-dog Jovie would be the perfect expression of me lately. She is a crazy girl...a Great Dane puppy that was born during Covid. She is a huge dog but has no idea of her size. Courtney and John worked from home for two years and so Jovie hasn't been as socialized as her sister. She has a wild side and plays parkour in the living room. Her living room. My living room. She's not picky about it! She's the culprit that put a hole in my living room wall! We love her anyway.

Spring is almost here (the calendar says it's been here for a week but I don't believe it). The trees are budding and blooming, the pollen is blowing around and most of my perennials are popping through the dirt. I have been pouring over catalogs looking for new things to plant, but I think the only thing that will be done this year is amending my flower bed soil and building new raised beds.

One more thing. @robin_in_virginia posted a pic recently of a free design that I released years ago called Live Simply, maybe about 2003. I have seen it around here and there and thought I would make it available again. I've added a pdf below. Feel free to print and stitch and please share your finished piece! I love to see the creativity of stitchers!


Anxious for April! aka Tracy

Live Simply
Download PDF • 1.03MB

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