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It's Only Been a Year!

Have you ever said, "it can't get any worse!" and then it doe?. That has been my last six weeks. Let me explain.

The end of the story is that two of my Nashville releases are wrong. Moon Flower had to be completely reprinted and Anne Roberts has the incorrect legend on the cover. Anne's cover will be available below to print. The chart is correct.

Moon Flower has been reprinted and I am sending the new copies to each shop that purchased them in Nashville. If you have already purchased Moon Flower and want to receive a new one from me, please send an email to and I will ship one ASAP. If you prefer a pdf, I will send that via email.

Here's the back story. Let me tell you first that I hate excuses. I don't like to lean on them and get aggravated when others use them to cover their mistake. I fully take responsibility for the mistakes and am doing my best to correct them!

Six weeks ago, my grandson spent a Saturday with us and by mid afternoon, he told me he didn't feel good. He just sat on the couch and I couldn't get him interested in anything. By the next morning he was perfectly fine. Figures! We went to church Sunday morning and all was well! Then Monday happened. I woke with a fever, horrible sore throat and was extremely tired. When it didn't improve, I took a Covid test and it immediately showed positive. A few days later Chuck was sick as well. He didn't feel good for two days and I was sick for two weeks! I'm still fighting the tiredness but everything else has improved. What it did was delay my Nashville tasks. But no worries, I always catch up.

Then my printer decided to give me fits. I called customer support and the tech guy came out and did this and that and it worked perfectly. By the next day it was wonky again. I was spending my time calling customer support, working on finalizing my charting and sitting with the tech guy discussing issues. He was here five or six times each week. One time, he was here twice in one day and by 5 pm, issues started again. Machine jammed with each page, pages were ripped, crumpled. The picture above shows small portion of charts and covers that I had to discard. When I thought everything was better and we started putting covers and charts together, we would find more issues. I was running up to my office to print more, forgetting how many I had. Chuck was so mad about it that we started bickering. He couldn't understand how I could get confused about what I needed compared to what I printed. It was bad.

The printer tech guy was here again yesterday and decided I needed to have a part replaced. I've begged for a new finisher, complained about why the issues weren't being resolved and generally have been nasty to everyone.

All that to say, I think between the stress, tiredness, crankiness, sickness and fighting with my husband, distraction set in. Did I forget to save changes on Moon Flower? Why would I put the legend for Sir Dandy on Anne Roberts? I don't have the answers and am extremely embarrassed but there it is. A rough six weeks and a costly mistake!

Please accept my apologies for the time and frustration this must cause you. I work hours and hours on charts and don't take this lightly. I want to keep my customers and give designs that they want to stitch.

On a happier note, Nashville was fabulous! I reconnected with so many friends and shop owners. I met new friends and was wowed by the amazing work that was put out by the designers. I didn't get out of my room as much as I wanted but every minute spent with friends was precious!

I also was told again and again to update my site and put out more Flosstube. I hear you! I will be better.

Again, thank you all for your support. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know!


Anne Roberts Cover
Download PDF • 1.91MB

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