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Corrected Chart Covers

Sooooo....early this year when I was hustling to get some charts together to send for the Nashville Needlework Market, I was working very inefficiently! I was trying to piece together charts from three computers. Which was ridiculous! And resulted in some very big embarrassing mistakes. As stitchers are pulling out their charts, they see that Hey! These symbols are totally wrong! In order to make it easier on everyone, I am going to put a pdf of my corrected chart covers on the site. That way, you can easily print out a new cover for your chart. If you don't have a printer or feel this is not acceptable, please let me know and I will mail you a new cover.

My Deer Chart Cover
Download PDF • 244KB

Be Not Weary Chart Cover
Download PDF • 216KB

My Deer has a new photo with the awesome frame from Total Framing. Isn't it fantastic??? Be Not Weary has the corrected symbols.

I'll be back soon. Have much to share!

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1 Comment

I’m working on Share Joy. I love this pattern but I see a few diamond shaped gold designs that are not in the pattern. Is there a correction?

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