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Almost October!

I recently released two little drum patterns that I am in love with!!! Love Thy Neighbor was the first design and the flowers are adaptations from an antique sampler in my collection. The second drum design is called Sow Kindness and has three little houses. If you are looking for a quick stitch, be sure to contact your local LNS for purchase!

It's been a busy summer and early fall in VA! I swear that we have more doctor appointments now than we have ever had before. It's like a memo went out to our bodies that we are now retired and everything is falling apart! I had cataract surgery about five years ago and because I was so young (for the procedure), I had a film build up on the lenses. I went in and had a quick laser procedure for each eye and my vision is much better! New glasses have been ordered and should be in soon. Thank goodness as Helen has rolled on my current glasses more than once and now they won't sit straight. It makes me look crazy and I'm trying to keep that hidden!!!

We've gone camping several times this summer and always to the same place. Seneca Rocks in WV is a quiet and secluded spot that gets it's share of hikers, bikers, and campers but the place we camp is perfect. It's right by the South Branch of the North Fork of the Potomac River. Or maybe it's the North Branch of the South Fork. Whichever it is, it's just beautiful. The sound of the water running over the rocks, the breeze through the trees, the horses in the field across the river. AND there is no cell service, so instead of goofing around on my phone, I'm forced to walk, get in the river, cook and stitch of course!

I have a new sampler that I will be releasing soon. I showed a sneak peek on Instagram. It has a tiny ship at the bottom that made me buy the original. It is small and sweet and I can't wait for you to see her. I am also going to release another Hands To Work Revisited sampler called I Wait For The Lord. It's a beautiful monochromatic sampler that is very soothing to stitch. I should have both released by mid October!

I wanted to check in since I haven't posted in a while. Have a fabulous fall and enjoy the cooler weather!

Talk soon!


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