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Introducing the "Team"

Hands To Work consists of two people who work from the dining room table, kitchen counter and any other flat surface that's available.  Original designs and reproduction samplers are the main focus with some quirky art work thrown in on occasion.  

Tracy Riffle
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Wife, mom of three, belong to Helen the black lab and Agnes the devil cat.  I am also Pippa to Lily and Wyatt who are the most amazing grandchildren that have ever lived!  I cross stitch.  I design cross stitch designs.  I'm crafty.

Emotional Support Dog

Helen is a 12 year old Black Lab that sleeps under the table when Chuck and Tracy are working.  Her best tricks are shedding copius amounts of hair, begging for food and lots of snuggling.  

Heavy Lifter and Personal Driver
Chuck Riffle

Chuck is the ever patient husband of Tracy and has stuck with her for FORTY YEARS!  Whatever she dreams up, he grudgingly agrees and takes on the grunt work.  He folds charts.  He packs boxes.  He makes multiple visits to the post office.  He's the best!

Angry Cat

Agnes is a three year old cat that tries to rule the house.  Sometimes she is nice.  Mostly not.  She makes Helen nervous. She adds nothing to the business.  She takes Prozac.  It doesn't help.

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